AĞRI, developing with its high potential in agriculture and trade.

Ağrı has strong features both in agriculture and livestock and in the industry which is related with the aforementioned areas.

Why should we make investments in Ağrı?

End point of European Route of E-80 Highway
Annually 3 million passenger transportation capacity
A city which has the biggest border gate on Iran border
Plantation and diesel fuel support is provided for corn silage.

Trade and Logistics Center of Turkey, opening its gates to Iran and Middle East

10 companies which have international transportation licensee.
The 6th region where the government provides most support
Young and trainable labor potential thanks to its population with 552.000 people
Coverage zone for Turkey-Iran Common Organized Industrial Site

Ağrıin Figures

Number of Small Cattles
1.101.153 Ton
Vegetative Production
Total Population
235.568.875 $
Foreign Trade Volume