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Ağrı with Renewable Energy ResourcesBiogas Production PlantThere are not any market problems for biogas investments to be made in the province. As it is stated in the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity Generation, the electricity produced in the facility is one of the market opportunities because it has guarantee to be sold to the government ($13,3 / kWh) apart from its use area.

There are approximately 352 thousand cattles in the province. On the other hand, because there is not any animal clustering, supply of raw material is difficult for biogas investments. Modern Breeding Facility which is planned to be made in a near future will make contributions to the solution of this problem. Similarly, in the central villages which have a potential for presence of cattle, farmers come together to provide raw materials for biogas production.

It is thought that the presence of the areas where corn silages grow or may be grown, which provide higher amount of methane gas than scats, can be used in the supply of raw materials. According to the data obtained in 2017, 24,571 tons of corn silage were produced in 5.010 decares area and the production figures are expected to increase.

Approximately 90% water and 10% animal and plant fertilizers/residues are used in biogas plants. For this reason, it is important that the facility is established by the water source which is continuously needed for the facility.

Ağrı plain has the advantages of reducing the construction costs thanks to its flat nature. It is known that the areas, which are suitable for investment, are rented. Moreover, the cost of unused personal lands is considerably lower than the other cities.

In the province, the villagers collect the scat of the animals, that they feed, and burn them in the winter. The heat energy which is obtained in this way only consist of 10% of the energy obtained by burning biogas. In addition, this situation creates an unhealthy environment.

There are some state aid within the scope of investment. Plantation and diesel fuel support is provided for corn silage. It is an important incentive because the state guarantees to buy the electricity produced in the plant.