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Registration to the Directorate of Trade Registry

For the registration of a branch, a petition must be sent to the Directorate of Trade Registry together with the below documents:

Petition (it must be signed under the company stamp by an authorized signatory or proxy. If it is signed by the proxy, original or copy of the proxy statement should be added to the petition)
Branch opening decision of the competent authority of the parent company
Authorized original article of incorporation of the parent company
Activity certificate of the parent company or any similar document which show the registration and present condition of the parent company
Proxy statement which states that full representation and binding authority is given the resident proxy by the parent company
Five copies of the establishment declaration (related parts must be filled and signed by the authorized person)Two copies of the proxy statement which shows the representative in Turkey
If the branch representative is a Turkish citizen, notarized copy of the identity card. If the representative is not a Turkish citizen, notarized translation of the passport of the authorized representative
Two copies of the statement of signature of the branch representative under the branch name
Letter of engagement (it must be signed by the authorized person)
Declaration form of the Trade Directorate to be taken from the Directorate of Trade Registry (with the photograph of the branch representative)
All required document to be issued and signed out of Turkey must be notarized get apostille or they must be approved by the Turkish Consulate where they are issued. Original documents which are issued, notarized and get apostille, must be translated officially and they should be approved by a notary in Turkey.