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Local Foods of Ağrı

We have listed the foods that you should eat when you go to Ağrı.

Abdigor MeatballsThe most famous dish of the province is Abdigor Meatballs. This meatball, which is common in Doğubeyazıt district, is similar stuffed meatball. It is the most delicious food of our region. It is made of beef, without fat, boneless beef or nerves, a little onion, one egg and spices. Preparation: Fresh meat is beaten with a pestle on a stone until it looks like ointment. The meat, which becomes dough, is beaten by adding onion and water. After it is beaten, the meatballs are left for one hour. They are served on the rice.

Gösteberg MeatIngredients:

Young Lamb or Kid MeatButterTomato pasteOnionMountain grass called GöstebergPreparation:
Young lamb or kid is butchered and skinned. Then, the meat is collected and cut. Butter and tomato paste are kneaded. Gösteberg grass is finely chopped and put into the dough. All this mixture is placed in the same animal hide and its open places are sewn. Animal hide is put on a flat surface and moist soil is piled up on it. Then, fire is set on this soil. After resting for a while, the animal hide is opened to serve.

HaşılFine ground wheat is cooked until it becomes batter while cooking haşıl. Then, make a pool with batter and add butter. Put yogurt with garlic around the batter. Because a butter pool is made in the middle of Haşıl, it is not served on seperate plates but eaten on a single plate.

HengelThe dough made of wheat flour is rested for a while. It is thinly rolled out and cut in the shape of square. After boiling in water, it is drained and put into a tray. Garlic yogurt or hengel sauce made of crushed kurut is put on it and the small pieces of onions are roasted and melted butter is poured and then the food is served. It must be eaten without waiting and cooling it.

NoodleIt is prepared with home-made noodles and green lentils. Pre-boiled green lentils are boiled with noodles. The water is drained. Potatoes are laid on the oily bottom of the pot. Lentil mixture is added on it. Finally, heated butter is poured and cook until the potatoes are roasted. This food is served by turning upside down. It is sometimes cooked with thin bread instead of potato.

KuymakFirst, Turkish cream is added into the pan and heated. Then, add corn flour or wheat flour as much as required, and mix it continuously. Continue to mix by adding some water. Continue to mix until the oil is released. When the oil is released, it is ready to eat.

Pişi (Bişi) ErdekThe dough is leavened with milk or water. After waiting for a while, it is turned by hand until it gets the size of a bread. Round dough is put into hot oil and fried until roasted.

HasudeHasuda is a dessert. First, prepare the sherbet. Add a little flour into the sherbet and beat it. Then, heat the oil in the pan and add the prepared sherbet and flour into it and beaten the mixture. After cooking for 5-10 minutes, hasuda is ready to serve.

Ayranaşı Boil the wheat without skin in water. Add ayran, mint and chopped zucchini. It is ready to serve.

Ciriş KetesiThe dough made of wheat flour is rested for a while. It is rolled out as thin sheets. Add çiriş,a local plant, into it. It is baked on metal sheet. After it is rested for a while, it is eaten by adding butter.

HaliseWheat without skin and rabbit meat is cooked in pots in tandoori for long hours without adding any salt. Then, add butter and salt and prepare it to eat.