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During the entry of the tribes which came from Central Asia to Anatolia, Ağrı was a transition point and thus became a scene for many civilizations. However, because these civilizations considered Ağrı as an entrance gate, they could not create a very deep-rooted civilization here. Urartians established the most deep-rooted civilization through the history of the province. The first Turkish community that settled in East Anatolia was Saka that came to the region in 680 BC. They settled around Murat River and Dogubayazit in a short time. Then, Artsakh and Artaksiyas Kingdom dominated Ağrı and region. The region was conquered by Islam Army during the region of Osman. Ağrı was joined the lands of Ottoman Empire by Sultan Selim the Stern after the Battle of Chaldiran. The name of the province, which was Şorbulak during the Ottoman period, was changed to Black Church under the rule of Armenians. In the time of Kazım Karabekir Pasha, the name of Black Church (Kara Kilise) was changed to Karaköse. Mount Ağrı is called as Mount Ararat by the westerners because the Mount Ararat and its country which are mentioned in Torah in relation with the Noah Flood are believed in that region. Ağrı became subdistrict in 1834, district in 1869, and province in 1927. It is named after Ağrı Mount which is the biggest mountain of Turkey and Europe thanks to its 5.137 m height.