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Places to Go

When you go to Ağrı, we have listed places to see to help you to easily decide where to go.

Mount AğrıMount Ağrı, which is covered in snow for four seasons and is considered as holly by many religions and beliefs, is the highest point in Europe with its 5,137 mt peak. Mount Ağrı is an important tourism value both in terms of climbing and hiking. It is believed that Mount Ağrı hosts Noah's Ark that Marco Polo said it would never be climbed.

The area, where Big and Small Mount Ağrı, Meteor Crater and Noah’s Ark are located, is declared as Mount Ağrı National Park in 2004. The reeds on the foot of Mount Ağrı have international importance and are home to many migratory birds. You can climb to Mount Ağrı from Iğdır and Doğubayazıt and you can see the Mount Ağrı from the every point of Iğdır and Doğubayazıt.

Ağrı - Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace, which stands alone among the steep mountains in the center of Doğubayazıt District next to the Mount Ağrı, is one of the most beautiful samples of Ottoman and Seljuq Architecture. It was started to build the palace in 1685 and completed by Ishak Pasha and his son Mehmet Pasha after 99 years in 1784 and it is the first palace which has heating, water and sewage system in it with its 116 rooms on 7,600 m2 area.

Ağrı - Meteor CraterThe second largest meteor pit with a depth of 60 mt and a 35-meter diameter is located next to the Gürbulak Border Gate and 35 km east of Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı.

Ağrı - Noah's ArkThe natural monument which is located in the south of Mount Ağrı is believed to be caused by Noah's Ark, which was grounded as a result of Noah's flood. The ruin is an important sightseeing location for tourists 3.5 km away from Turkey-Iran Transit Road.

Ağrı - Fish Lake Fish Lake, which is located on 34km2 area, is 2,250 m high from the sea level and the biggest lake of Turkey on that height. Fish Lake is created by a lava set 18 km northeast of Taşlıçay. The depth of the lake exceeds 100 meters in some parts and the lake surface, which is completely frozen during the winter months, has a different beauty in spring and summer months. Drinking water need of Doğubayazıt district and surrounding villages is also met by the lake where red-scaly trout and carp live.

Ağrı - Diyadin Hot SpringsDiyadin Hot Springs, which is 60 km away from the city center of Ağrı, consists of the Yılanlı, Davut and Köprü hot springs which are located on a large area. Water content of the hot springs has highly healing features thanks to bicarbonate, chloride, sulphate, calcium, carbondioxide and 1.227 mg/lt mineralization in total. Treatments of some diseases are perfomed in the hot springs such as rheumatism, neuritis neurology, gynecological diseases, bone diseases and arthritis, sciatica and metabolism disorder. The water temperature varies between 72 and 78°C, and this water is also used to heat some buildings in the district center.

The Murat River, which passes through the hot spring area, provides a unique beauty to the region both in visual and recreative terms.

Ağrı Mount Tendürek Lava FlowThe lava region, which was created by Tendürek Volcano in its active times, exhibits miraculous views that you can see rarely around the world. Melted scum on the lava flow and the areas they flowed gives us a unique visual show thanks to their interesting shapes.