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Investment Areas

Turkey has continuously increased foreign trade volume and tried to establish close relations with neighbor countries to reach 500 billion dollar export value, that is the aim of Turkey in 2023. Eastern provinces, which are relatively away from the production centers, are in the closest location to the Iran and Central Asia markets. Ağrı province offers important opportunities to the companies that target these markets. Ağrı province, 70% of the population of which is under 30 years old, gives opportunities to provide service in place and grow qualified labor for the investors thanks to İbrahim Çeçen University which has continuously grown and had more technological possibilities since its establishment. Underground and aboveground resources and pure nature of Ağrı sets a suitable environment for the production of organic products which has gradually become popular. Its closeness to Iran and Central Asia markets provides transportation advantages, and the maximum implementation of government incentives significantly minimizes the term for the return on investment.

The suitable investment areas study prepared by the development bank in 2000 has been updated by Serhat Development Agency. According to the data submitted in the study, below written investment areas are considered as profitable for Ağrı province. The feasibility reports prepared by the companies that want to invest in these areas will show the return period of the investment.

Tourism Investments· Thermal facilities in Diyadin· City hotels in Ağrı and Doğubayazıt· Qualified food and beverage facilities and roadhouses· Transportation and logistics investments,· Production of souvenirs,Services Sector· Wholesale and retail trade, Shopping Center· Call center investments· Dealerships and technical services· Accommodation facilities for students (dormitory, hostel, hotel, apart hotel)· Education (private school, nursery) investments· Health (hospital, polyclinic) investmentsAgriculture and Livestock Investments· Meat and dairy cattle raising· Breeding cows raisingBeekeeping and honey production and honey packaging facilities· Sheep breeding· Growing feed corp· Culture fishing· Meat and egg poultry,· Thermal greenhouses in Diyadin,· Vegetable and cereal production in Patnos· Organic farming and stockbreeding· Licensed warehousing and cold storageManufacturing Industry· Construction and manufacturing of construction materials ,· Production of thermal insulation materials· Food production (meat and dairy products)· Ready feed production· Manufacture of metal products· Agricultural machinery manufacturing· Furniture and forest products manufacturing· Products of plastic industry (PVC joinery and pipes)· Wool yarn production· Energy investments (HEPP, Biogas)