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Setting Up a Business in Ağrı

Foreign Direct Investment (DYY) Law of Turkey takes the equal treatment principle as basis and lets the international investors have same rights and obligations with the local investors.

Same procedures are applied with the local investors about company establishment and share transfer. According to that the international investors have right to establish any kind of company stated in Turkish Commercial Law (TTK). TTK offers a corporate governance approach which meets the international standards, promotes private capital and public offering activities, provides transparency in management works and harmonizes the Turkish business live with UE Regulations and EU accession process.

Thanks to the improvement reform of Turkey in investment area, facilitation of business are taken as basis and the bureaucracy which was seen in company establishments are removed and the cost and procedures are minimized. In this respect, the company establishments are only made in the same day in the Directorate of Trade Registry that are designed as “single stop offices” and operate in the Chambers of Commerce.